We provide service for FRED (Free Registry for ENUM and Domain) domain administration. We offer a complete solution either with the support of our team of programmers and administrators, who are ready to serve any individual needs of the registrar, or we install an ARCHON panel to be used for easy management of a domain portfolio.

System properties:

  • system is based on direct communication with FRED register
  • it is fully compatible with different versions of FRED registry
  • option of individual adjustment of functionality/properties of FRED registry
  • possibility of implementation of arbitrary payment gateway for online credit recharging for accredited registrars
  • arbitrary modification of the design of the system to the required registry appearance
  • operation of the system is possible on the HW or a hosted system

Additional (paid) services:

  • complex management and operation of FRED registry
  • providing of AnyCast DNS services
  • implementation of your own extensions and needs
  • online credit payments


More information about FRED: