Archon Panel

ARCHON panel is a web frontend for FRED registration system. The panel contains not only the complete management of the register (management of domains and registrar), but also provides a simple user / friendly interface for accredited registrars. Archon panel allows for management of domains, contacts and sets of nameservers and keysets easily.

Archon Panel For Registry

  • accreditation, editing and deaccreditation of a registrar
  • registration, editing, transfer of domains, contacts, DNS sets and DNSSEC keys in the whole registry
  • detailed reporting for a Registry
  • individual panel layout using HTML templates and CSS
  • credit recharging for registrars

Archon Panel For Registrars

  • registration, editing, transfer of a domain extension
  • registration, editing and transfer of contacts, sets of nameservers, and sets of DNSSEC keys are under the administration of an appointed registrar
  • detailed search across accreditation
  • possibility of online credit payments

ARCHON Panel Tour


Dashboard provides an overview of current entities in the system, information about recent orders.


Administration of registrars is fundamental to the work of the registry, and offers important features for managing registrars.


Easy management of domain names, editing options and also new domain registration.


List of contacts associated with the domains, the possibility of creating, editing and managing all contacts.


Overview of DNS records associated with the domains, the possibility of creating, editing and managing all records.

Each section offers an advanced search in the database with the possibility of different combinations to get the best results from your search.