ARCHON panel is the best WebGUI extension for FRED, the open source registry system; an easy to use panel for Registry and Registrars.
It offers a Web system expansion for FRED for the management and administration of domains, contacts, or DNS. It greatly simplifies the management of the registry.
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Open source registry system (Free Registry for ENUM and Domains). The system is made available under the GPL 2.1 license and develop by CZ.NIC.
We offer our own end-to-end registry services, or we are able to complete the deployment of a FRED registry system with individual adjustments.
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Quick and clear information in one place. Lists of recent modifications and orders.

Managing domain names, registration, editing and searching. All in one place.

Advanced search
The advanced search option offers the best possible results in the database.

Any domain, contact, NS SET or register can always be displayed in a detailed view.